Peoples Bailout Plan

Did you know that our U.S. Congress decided to pass a 700 billion dollar bail out plan? 700 billion dollars! what would you do with that kind of money? Invest it, buy a dream home or vehicle, go on a permanent vacation? There’s millions of things you could think of to do with this amount of money. Would you help out the middle man in our nations society? If you answered no, don’t feel at all bad; the congress wouldn’t do it either.

With the economy failing and the rich getting even MORE richer,Our congress decided to pass a 700 billion dollar bailout plan for our banks and Wall street.They say that it will boost our economy by providing credit to banks so that they can loan it out to big businesses, which in turn should allow them to grow, make more money, and produce more jobs for the middle class. Sounds great right!? Sure and while your buying into that be sure to check out the properties on the moon for sale.

THE TRUTH is that this bill will only help out banks and Wall street. Very little of this investment will trickle back down to the middle class. I find it ironic that they would even ask the tax payers to bail them out when they have been screwing us over for years. If it wasn’t for Wall street’s greed we wouldn’t be in this mess now. Our real estate market has completely collapsed and people are losing their homes along with there equity faster than anytime in history before. Jobs are being lost faster than our economy can replace them, leaving thousands of people unemployed and can’t find work. Health care cost are sky rocketing and the number of uninsured keeps getting higher by the second. How much of that 700 BILLION DOLLAR’S is going to be used to address those issues? None!! That’s right, none of that money will go towards helping out the problem of the middle class.


I’m not just talking about change in our nations capital; I’m talking about a real change for the middle class and everyday hard working Americans. In reality neither one of our presidential candidates have a true plan that will help out the common man. They are just making promises that they already know they probably wont keep. It’s time for us to take care of US! HOW?

Home Based Businesses

Instead of trying to find yet another dead end job that doesn’t even pay for basic food and shelter; I decided to come up with my own bailout plan, a home based business. I believe that the best investment that a person can make is an investment in themselves. Everyone should have a home based business.

Here’s Why:

.No one will ever pay you what you are really worth.
.You shouldn’t have to downsize yourself
.Our tax system is setup for business owners not workers
.It’s a real chance for financial freedom
.You are your own boss

There are thousands of home base businesses out there some of them are good,while others not so good.

What to look for:

-Look for something that you would love to do. It doesn’t matter how much money you can make if you don’t enjoy doing it, right?

-Look for a business that you can do from home, without taking over your home. Your family should always come first.

-Look for tools and training.
In our new era everything is on the internet. So in order to be successful at any business you will need to know how to market on the internet.

-Look for a business that can truly help others. Don’t just pick a product or service that only benefits you; there are a lot of people out there that could really use a change themselves. Helping others get what they want will get you what you want.

Evaluating MLM Businesses

As a former golf professional, evaluation and risk management is par for the course (pardon the pun). No matter what the situation, the thought process remained the same. If you are willing to accept the consequences of your actions then go ahead. If you are hesitant because of the potential outcome, do not do it….. It’s called evaluation.

Why is it then that so many people fail to evaluate their MLM business, both new opportunities and existing interests?

All network marketers should have at least a basic understanding as to where you sit in the market place and if you’re looking to start your own business, the criteria listed are a good way to start your research.

What is the product?

oIs it top quality or is it a fad?
oHow many products are available to be marketed?
oIs money invested in the market research?
oIs the product consumable meaning repeat business orders?
oDoes the product offer great value or is it cheaper elsewhere?
oAre you happy to use the product? Even if you were not in the company?
oDoes the product give you confidence in what you are doing?

Clarify Expectations

oWhat are the expectations of you and what do you expect from not only the business but also from the training and mentor programs? If there is a clash here, the results could be terminal.
oDoes your personality match that of your potential upline? Are they a giving type of person or are they in this to service their own needs?

Compensation Plan

oThis varies right across the board. There are companies with plans providing over 60% and there are companies paying a whole lot less with the industry standard being approximately 50%. If you are going to work hard, you may as well get the biggest bang for your buck!

Retention rates

oThis can destroy businesses and often does. It is like filling a bucket full of water only to find out that the bucket is full of holes!
oIndustry average unfortunately is approximately 15% but the good news is there are MLM businesses with substantially higher rates due to mainly to the product they are marketing and the training environments provided by their leadership.

Marketing strategy

oHow do they generate business?
oDoes this style match up to your personal attributes?
oDoes the strategy require many, many hours and in your face strategies?


oHave processes been put in place to automate your business? The idea being to free up your time so you can work on the real gritty parts of the business.
History of the company
oDo not go into this blind. Make sure you have all the information you need to make an informative decision. The last thing you need is to find out the company is just starting out. (Unless of course you are searching for such a chance).


oWhat systems are in place to provide the teaching tools you need and the personal mentoring you will require?
oAre the tools a way for your teachers to make money or are they freely available for your development?


oWhat is your capital investment? What other capital might be required after starting up?
oWhat time investment will be required?
oGenerally It will either cost money or it will cost you time?


oWhilst the duplication of successful processes has merit, it is impossible to duplicate people and the personalities that are attached.
oIs there going to be room for you to be you?

Put the emotion aside for a moment and let your own personality, beliefs and people judgment skills guide you. The choices you make when looking at MLM businesses are far more crucial than some of the everyday evaluations we make. Take a little time and reward yourself for your efforts.

Work From Home – A Real Option Or Not?

All my professional work experience has been in chemical laboratories in pharmaceutical industries. Due to the so difficult economic situation that crosses my country, I began to look for other options of work. I began to work during my free time in a company that was dedicated to sell products door to door. I traded their products and memberships with many illusions because the company promised great money. I was gained some money but consumed much time.

By some time I was working in other similar companies but as always if I wanted to earn more money had to spend more time out of my house This affected my family and my full time job. My economic situation began to get worse since in the pharmaceutical industry where I was working announcement that was going to reduce its personnel and possibly close operations. Wow, it was terrible when they gave us the suspension letter, I thought that it was the end of the world’

After 3 month I began to work in another pharmaceutical industry as temporary worker. After 6 months to be there I was pregnant and my contract with the company was about to finish. At that moment I decided to find a work from home.

My first impression was that the internet had many online work opportunities. I registered myself in several of them without looking for information. I began to lose money, invested and I didn’t see any result. In several occasion I stopped looking for work in the Internet and returned to try to find a traditional job. But I am a little stubborn. So, once again I began my online search but this time I needed to evaluate what things I done badly in my past search.

After much search and lose money I find that certainly in the Internet are swindlers but also are real businesses that can be of much benefit if we began in the right way.

These were my conclusions:

1. The correct decisions under desperation cannot be taken.

2. Avoid registering in works or businesses that you must pay first by receiving the complete information. This must work like when you are going to the store to buy clothes. You try the clothes before buying it. In Internet there are business and work opportunities that you can enroll free, access to all the company information and decide if is what you want.

3. Work from home do not function like magic art. As any other work or business need commitment, dedication and time (you decide how many time want to dedicate). You must take it seriously like a traditional work or business.

4. Nothing is free. It is always necessary to make some investment, big or small. The important thing is to have all the information to be able to make a good investment. On the other hand the Internet provides many free tools that are very useful for the online businesses and work from home. Example Free marketing tools, etc.

4. If you want to be successful is necessary that the company provide all the tools, training, support, etc.

5. Definitive the internet has many real online business and work opportunities and you can earn extra money.

Why 98% of MLM and Internet Home Business Owners Fail

So you’ve started a new MLM or home Internet business and you’re not getting the results that you’ve expected. When you first started did you think that you would start making money overnight, a few grand in the first month. It’s probably not that you’ve been taken or scammed; many people are making a great living in with home businesses or in the MLM industry. The problem is that you have not set your plan for the long term.

Within the first 3 months of being in a MLM or Internet type home business, most owners have closed shop and in the process wasted money, probably a good bit too. In fact 98% of business owners in the MLM or Internet industry fail. So, how do you become part of the successful 2%?

First, realize this isn’t a race and odds are that you are not going to make thousands in your first few months. In fact, you may not make a dime for a few months. Most of you have spent on average anywhere from $500 to $2,000 to become a distributor or associate for your MLM or home Internet business. Now, that’s not a ton of money, but throwing it out the window would sting a bit. But, I bet it would be a lot tougher to throw $100,000 to $200,000 out the window, which is what you would have paid to buy into some well-known franchise. So how soon would you pack it in if you were not making any money with you franchise, 3 months, 6 months, a year? I’ll bet you would try everything you could to make that business work. Now, why are people packing it in after just a few months without much success? It DOESN’T STING ENOUGH, it isn’t $100 grand. New MLM and home business owners are not as committed, when they pack it in their business is just a bad memory. Ok, my point, Have a long-term plan, don’t expect to make it happen in the first few months and follow a course of action for at least a year.

Now, following a course of action for a year doesn’t mean if what you are doing is not working, just keep doing it. You have to build a skill set and find out what works. If your MLM training is not working for you, find something new and invest your time in a new technique. Don’t quit, there are many successful people in both MLM and Internet home businesses, but I’ll guarantee you that most of them didn’t make it happen in just a few months. They didn’t quit; they kept at it and found what works.

Treat your business as just that, a business not a hobby. Set hours every day to work it and I do mean work. If for one second you think that it will be easy and all you have to do is place a few ads and set up a web site and the money will start rolling in, you will be one of the 98%. That being said, it will get easier at some point after you get the ball rolling and figure out what works. But in the beginning it you will work every bit as hard as you do at your job. Ask yourself a question, would you rather work hard for yourself or work hard for someone else? If you’re like most, you joined your MLM or Home Business to work on your on terms and realize your financial dreams and odds are you know it won’t happen in your job. MLM and Internet home based businesses are absolutely the way for the average person to achieve realize their dreams.

Get Rich Quick With MLM

If you’re trying to earn money online you will see a lot of so called business opportunities that promise quick payouts and huge returns. When you see MLM’s like this they are most likely scams. The methods used are usually unethical ways of making money or worse yet, be completely illegal. In many of these ponzi schemes some of the people who got in early will make money at the expense of those people who came in later. In a few months most of the companies are gone, with most people losing there investment entirely. Getting involved in these schemes is never a long-term plan for financial success online.

You can get rich with MLM companies but you need to change your idea of what get rich quick means. The true meaning is a few years, not overnight. Yes there are some who can jump in any company and make money right away. However the average person on the internet can not become a millionaire overnight by joining a MLM company. What you should be focusing on doing is building yourself a residual income instead of getting rich quick. In order to build a residual income you will need to be dedicated and have patience to succeed in any company. Do not jump from opportunity to opportunity.

Some MLM companies out there are not structured to be around for years down the road or the CEO has a track record of opening and closing companies every few years. It is important that you research a company and the CEO before joining to find out that information. You want to avoid those types of companies, while they may not be scams you can not build a long term residual income if the company will not be around after a few years. You are looking for a solid company that has a track record and will be around 10 years plus. There are legitimate MLM companies out there that are structured for long term success for you to build yourself a residual income.

There are many warning signs that scream scam when you are looking at a MLM company. Some of the obvious signs are companies that have no name of the CEO or a contact phone number on the website. You have to ask yourself if this is a legitimate opportunity why are they hiding there information. Signs that are no so obvious are start up fees, front loading of products, selling leads and training where you have to pay. These all look like legitimate costs, but for the most part they are additional ways for the company to make money off of you.

One simple rule to spotting get rich quick scams, is if the proposal seems too good to be real then it most likely is a scam. MLM is not get rich quick it is build a long term residual income. This will take time, dedication and hard work. With the right company any one can succeed online.

Making Money Online? Is it Possible? Are There Any Money Generating Schemes That Will Work?

As soon as the early zeros the Internet has entered into our lives drastically. Business and households throughout the world, at least in the more advanced countries, are using the Internet as an everyday tool. More and more people are using the Internet and in fact it has become in ways a cornerstone for many activities.

One might think “that yes it is there it is growing etc. etc. but it is a tool that works under mans hand”.

These days one can program a bunch of advertising machines (Google, Yahoo) to generate traffic to their site and that is done automatically. In this fashion, traffic is visiting ones site and possibly could be making sales, while he/she is unaware of that. It is obvious that some “human hand” has to be involved, but the bottom line is that the work is minimal and the cash flows. But then again, one needs a product, in order to have something to sale. There are many websites out there that offer products for resale. Furthermore, one can sale a so called service, a virtual product. One can actually get a web site running for free and start advertising for free or paid. The results can be amazing. So to put it clear, one does not need a real product in order to makes sales through the Internet. A virtual product would do fine, as long it is kept well advertised. In this way, many people can generate significant amount of money without having to struggle like in a real life work basis. Who wants to get up early and spend half a day at the office?

But there is always a catch.

One can spend loads amounts of money investing on the Internet without results. The point is to choose wisely and a good lesson is trial and error. There are many sites one can find to help him/her to generate cash.Just type in Google “making money online” and see what comes up.

As a promise to my readers, Ill be coming up with more articles like these to help you catch the opportunities.

How To Have A Successful Home Business

Before you can have a successful Home Based Business, you must have a very strong:

1. You must have a WHY 2. You must BELIEVE in yourself 3. You must MAKE it Happen


I worked full time and my partner self employed, working more than 9 plus hours a day. When I had my second child, if I didn’t do something different, I would have had to place her in full time day care, that wasn’t an option for me. I took two years paid and unpaid leave and decided that we needed a Business that was flexible and gave us the option of travel as well. My WHY was to give me time with my children, money and travel. I hated the thought of having to return to employment and my children stuck in child care.

We had to be able to have the freedom and flexibility to raise our children, also more control over our own life and finances. After lots of research we have found our answer. A Home Internet Business, this works great for our family, we have a steady income, flexibility with the children and we control the hours that we work. We have now found our WHY. It’s now time to find yours! Ask yourself the questions?

BELIEVE You must believe in yourself, if you don’t believe that you can have a successful Home Based Business then you won’t. You are the one that is controlling your future. You must BELIEVE that it is possible. With a little research I began realising that many other people are out there in this big wide world of opportunities, were already making great money, we wanted to be one of those people, If they can do it, we could do it too.

For us, it was trying to figure out what these people out there were actually doing to make this money and once we could do this we could somehow fit this into our own situation. Obviously there are endless ways to make great money and there are also a lot of scams. There is proof everywhere of people making multi millions of dollars, get online and do the research, read the testimonials of others and read their real life stories of how they have made their dreams become reality, there are plenty of books published by authors, who have made a home business successful, the evidence speaks for its self.

AFFILIATE MARKETING is a simple way to make money from home. Why wouldn’t anyone want to have the job of the future?

WHAT IS AN AFFILIATE? Good question! An Affiliate is someone who sells products etc on behalf of someone else and you get money, points, and rewards for doing this. It could be anything from Health & Beauty, Fitness, Clothing, Ebooks, Websites… You name it, it can be sold and you sell these on the Internet. This is a huge market and you can take advantage of it. There is huge money to be made in Affiliate Marketing and you can work your own hours. It’s that easy.

Why would you put yourself through endless interviews to be an employee and hope for the best, when you can go to any computer and sign up with the affiliate marketer. Affiliate Marketing is the job of the future, it’s a simple way to make money online, and it is more than possible to make your living online.


You must be willing to make it happen. You are the only person who can make it happen, instead of analysing the online game you need to jump right in and have a go. Nothing is ever too hard as long as you want it.

READY, GO and then STEADY, this is how you need to think, a lot of people like to have the STEADY before Go, you can’t learn about Internet Marketing by sitting on the outside, you need to jump right in and give it a GO, you need to be in the key centre to truly understand how to profit from it. The truth is you can still earn money while you are still learning.

Why keep second guessing yourself all the time. No one is ever fully ready to start a Home Based or any other type of Business. It’s like starting a family no one is ever truly ready, but once it happens you go with it, you learn, you grow and everything seems to fall into place.

You are the one that needs to Make It Happen.

The best thing about a Home Based Business is, it’s not that expensive to start up, and unlike like other Business’s that requires you to invest thousands of dollars before you can even start.


I suggest that you get IN THE GAME, Don’t sit around wondering and wasting precious time that could be used to teach you the skills that are required to build a successful home based business, Just remember why, believe and make it happen!

When starting your Home Based Business, do your research, who has made it before you, who can I learn from, what are they doing that works, who are my competitors. Make your priority about finding an expert and learning from you. Business education and knowledge is the key to business success.

A Paradise to Start Your Own Business

A study shows that Singapore has been the best place to start a business. Singapore has been ranked by the World Bank and IFC as the best place to do business. Why Singapore has been the paradise for the business man. There are three reasons.

The government has paid tremendous attention to attract business man. They build a safe and fair trade environment for business man. The government has a lot of money to allocate towards start up companies. Many of the young entrepreneurs have experience because universities send entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley so they can ‘soak up’ the atmosphere.

Singapore has the best infrastructure for doing business. It has a great set of laws to protect intellectual and personal property. And it is a good place to hire bright people.

Establishing a business in Singapore is easy, and the island-state’s legal system is extremely efficient and reliable. Employment and intellectual property laws in particular are business-friendly. A recent World Band study found Singapore the cheapest and easiest place to start a business in Asia.

The history of Singapore is only 40 years which is rather shorter than other countries. It does not have its own culture like China who has five thousand years’ culture. The people there would be much easier to accept the people from all over the world. Labor force is a big advantage to help Singapore to be the paradise of business man. Singapore does not have natural resources. The people there need more chances to hunt work. So they would welcome the people go there to start a business.

Situated at the crossroads of international trade routes, Singapore is a top location for foreign investors. The on-going liberalization of markets and industries and the privatization of government-linked companies offer excellent opportunities to invest in Singapore and the neighboring markets. Integration of the 10 ASEAN countries under a free trade area (AFTA) with a population of more than 500 million people is on track. Free Trade Agreements with the US, Australia, Japan and many other countries provide easier access to the global market.

Recent years, Singapore attracts tremendous amount of people to visiting there. It attracts a great mounts of companies move there. At the same time, it attracts thousands of people go there to hunt jobs. Since there are more work opportunities there, more and more people especially from the neighbor countries pick up their backpacks to start a new life.

Singapore has been one of the biggest economic, tour and shopping centers of the world. More and more people would visit there for its special tourism. Singapore will be built more beautiful with the help of the business men form all over the world.

Report About Betfair Trading

Predicting the winner of an equine race is really difficult regardless of how experienced or educated you are. There are many races every single day at many meetings up and down the country and at racecourses all more than the globe. This indicates there is a massive quantity of statistics to analyze if the equine betting enthusiast wishes to study the type. This can be a key discouragement specifically to the novice bettor.

Many punters have now began using equine racing application to forecast winners. The software is downloaded on to the individual’s PC and it has access to a massive database of details relating to the horse racing. This info consists of previous outcomes besides a wealth of other data that may well be beneficial for any individual looking to predict the outcome of future horse races.

These application goods are offered by way of a subscription or by spending a fee up front to buy them outright. Rates vary so that makes these applications an cost-effective application for all equine racing followers. The initial expense can be recovered rapidly with some productive bets. Some individuals take a extended phrase view and insist gear this kind of as this actually delivers a constant revenue from betting on the horses. In this scenario charge is not an concern as it is regarded an purchase.

Horse racing software program does all the challenging function in which type and statistics is involved. It would take a human becoming quite a few hours to wade by means of all the necessary details prior to coming to a determination. Some people compare these applications to having an assistant or researcher simply because of the sum of time they conserve.

Like any product some are better performing than others. As far as the a lot more innovative horse racing software program is uneasy, the results they create are surprisingly excellent. Certainly not every single variety will win but a large good results rate is really popular. In add-on some bettors use their computer software selections to profit from the location markets and lay betting with excellent final results.

Why Choosing The Right Home Business Is Important

In today’s society, there are so many different home business opportunities out there, that it can become very difficult to choose the right one. Every time you click on the internet there is someone there pushing what they think would be the home based business solution for you. In this article, I wanted to share with you some proper steps you can take to help you make your choice much simpler, when choosing the right home business.

One of the most important things you can do, is write down your interests and talents that you possess. It is very critical that you really get inside your own head and figure out what direction you want go in. Figure out what drives you, what motivates you, and what you are truly passionate about. The mistake you do not want to make, is choosing a home business that you have no passion about. I mean it. Dig deep into your soul and be honest with yourself. When starting your search on a good home business opportunity, it is important that you start with a company that is willing to teach and mentor you. Everyone starting a home business needs help. At first you will encounter a learning curve that you must go through in order to get things running properly in your business. But with the right people and the right tools in place, you will quickly conquer this. Try to find a home business that have people there in place to help you succeed. I cannot begin to stress the importance of a great team behind you to ensure your success. It is not only important, but vital!

One important note I would like to point out to you, is that you must come to realize that there is no real business opportunity out there that you can start free or for very little money. In your search for the right home based business, you will encounter business opportunities that promise you the world for practically nothing at all. If you believe this, then maybe you should not start a business afterall. I mean come on, I live in the real world, and i’m pretty sure you do to. If you are going after a reputable and well established home business, then you know you will have to invest some type of money. Trust me, these companies telling you that you can make thousands in a week for just a pocketful of change, will not be around tomorrow. Stay as far away as you can from them.

As with any business out there, it is also important for you to research the type of business you are looking into. You have to understand that for a business to be profitable, it must have great market potential. It should also have longevity and not be trendy or faddish. It must have real staying power. Being unique is a very powerful tool to have. I’m not saying that you have to reinvent the wheel, but you must have a product or service that has true demand in the marketplace. Just take your time and research, it will pay you substantial dividends.

Overall, there are many other important factors in place that can help you decide which home business is right for you. I have shown you a few that will help you get going in the right direction. Remember that it takes real work to start a business and there is no easy solution out there. You can take that from me, I am living proof. Just be true and honest with yourself, and you will go far with success in your life.